4"x5/32 Sucker Sticks

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Warm Weather Shipping: We make every effort possible to ensure that your chocolate and other items arrive in the best possible condition. However due to temperature variations across the country that are out of our control we do not guarantee the unmelted or melted status of chocolate products that are shipped during warm months. We encourage expedited shipping options and or the purchase of cold shipping options found in the Chocolate Must Haves section of the website.  In most cases our chocolate is used for the purpose of confectionery creations and is melted down to use anyway and this is not a large issue.  If you have further questions or concerns please call the store.

Made of rolled-up paper, these lollipop sticks are strong and manufactured to extremely close tolerances to ensure consistent length and diameter, thereby providing the highest level of productivity and minimal waste. Candy adheres to the paper stick more readily than to a plastic stick.