Yang White Zen Cocoa Butter

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  • This is cocoa butter, enlightened.
  • The Chef Rubber Zen Colored Cocoa Butter Collection -  otherworldly colors derived purely of the earth; a pleasing paradox.
  • Bon bons, chocolates and cakes sparkle as the inner glimmer of Zen peacefully plays with ambient light. 
  • Zen Cocoa Butter utilizes 100% naturally colored pigment.
  • Chef Rubber colored cocoa butters are the truest and brightest colors available! 
  • Colored cocoa butter can be used in a wide variety of applications. 
  • Colored cocoa butter can be airbrushed or painted onto molds, chocolate, or fondant. 
  • Mix colored cocoa butter directly into melted chocolate.
  • Apply tempered colored cocoa butter to acetate to create your own transfer sheets. 
  • 1.7oz